Viceroy Anguilla - The Hottest New Caribbean Property

It is always a joy to welcome a new property of quality into a part of the world that begs for more choices when it comes to luxury travel. Recently, I had the pleasure of spending eight nights at the Viceroy Anguilla with my husband and 3 year old son.

The hotel is beautiful situated on the ocean with two beaches on each end and a rugged coast line in the middle making its location quite dramatic.  The hotel looks as if was plunked down on the cliff in Anguilla from South Beach or Los Angeles.   One of the most outstanding aspects of this property is the décor and the room product.   It just might be the most highly designed hotel in the Caribbean orMexico. The property was designed by the decorator Kelly Wearstler.  Whether you are in a standard suite or the Master Suite of a deluxe 4 bedroom villa the décor is the same throughout the rooms and villas.

There are more than ten separate room categories which differ by location and accommodations from a standard room to a two story 4 bedroom oceanfront villa.    All rooms have wonderful bathrooms, private terraces; private plunge pools (except standard) and most have kitchenettes or kitchens, which is great for families.

There are three pools, all very different from one another and one being “adult only”.  The grounds are handsomely groomed.    While this is not a small property it never seemed full (it was) to the degree that I often wondered, “where is everyone?”   I think the physical layout and the various venues and pool and beach areas give you a choice of where to go each day.    The hotel has two separate beach areas from which to choose. Anguilla is known for having some of the most amazing beaches in the world and take it from me I love a great beach!   The hotel offers a well organized kids program and kids club.  There is a well equipped gym and classes are offered.  I did take advantage of a couple of morning spin classes which I was pleasantly surprised to find.

The restaurants all are beautiful and the quality of the food is another attraction.   I live inNew York Cityand dine out regularly.  So, when it comes to food, I have high expectations.    I also took the opportunity to visit 5 other highly rated restaurants outside of the hotel during my stay.    At the end of my 8 nights, I felt the hotel offered excellent quality of food and drink at a reasonable cost compared to many other hotels of this standard within the Caribbean andMexico (as well as the other restaurants onAnguilla).    And, if you enjoy a good margarita and Mexican food you must make a point of dining at Picante a little restaurant located walking distance from the Viceroy.  It is owned by aCaliforniacouple and is a low key restaurant with great authentic Mexican food.

And now I get to the final defining evaluation of a luxury product…service.  Viceroy has done a wonderful job training its very large staff.     The local Anguillan staff is combining the service standards of the Viceroy Hotel Group with their naturalCaribbeancharm to deliver great customer service.

Viceroy is the new face ofAnguilla.  I have experienced Anguilla many times over the past 15 years and this is not the intimate charming Anguilla of old.  It is answering the tastes and style of the people who want luxury, comfort and top of the line activity.  This is a resort that is an excellent choice for families, couples or singles.