Experienced travel advisor extraordinaire, Lisa Grossman, eats, breathes and sleeps travel. In a phrase, she lives for it -- “it’s in my blood, it is part of my DNA,” she says. Her global corporate business and luxury leisure travel clients can attest to her passion and commitment.  Dedicated to excellence, Lisa persistently proves her intense devotion to her clients’ travel encounters.  Indeed, her 30 plus years of earned industry partnerships consistently ensure superb, memorable stays. 

Lisa began her career in the travel industry in 1981 as an airline reservationist straight out of high school.  By that time, though, she was already an old pro, having focused on her field of choice as a teenager; Lisa started working part-time in a travel agency when she was just 14 years old.

In March of 1993, Lisa joined Protravel International.  Excellence mattered to Lisa then, and with her unmitigated determination, dedication and diligence, she developed her own wildly successful business, which was instrumental in the growth of Protravel.  Today, the company boasts more than 1,200 engaged and informed agents with a depth of knowledge and a commitment to service that makes them the smart choice for the best travel experiences worldwide.

Excellence still matters to Lisa, and her vast experience translates to reduced travel costs and enhanced quality for her clients. Her many significant and longstanding relationships with airline providers, premier hotels, sumptuous inns and luxury resorts around the globe allow her to provide substantially discounted prices while still ensuring VIP treatment, myriad perks and superior services. Contact Lisa today for all your global business and luxury leisure travel needs and reap the benefits.