SLS Hotel Miami Beach-Sophisticated and Cool

The Miami SLS is a blend of sophistication and cool.  To start my review let’s start with the check in since the staff did everything perfectly right.   They made us feel 100% welcome, the process was smooth and while I was checking in my husband was given a brief tour of the dinning and bar options that we were keen to get started on….more on that later.   The hotel is classic Ian Schreiger (spelling) with very trendy décor and although not as small as some of his other rooms the rooms were a fraction on the small side.  However the great bed and linens, cool bathroom and interesting décor made up for the room size.  SLS is a great option for a stay of five days or less.

Shortly after checking in we had a drink at the outdoor bar which had a great vibe on account of great décor, very accommodating staff and some good tunes humming in the background.  Had it not been for our hunger we might have stayed for a handful of drinks but our stomachs quickly coaxed us over to Katsuya (their sushi restaurant).  We tried a lot of new dishes that sounded interesting and they were all great.  They have a crispy brussel sprout dish (yes it’s a sushi joint) this is worth the trip to the SLS for.   We liked them so much my husband tried to cook them at home the second day back.  He will need a few more attempts to before he puts Katsuya out of business.   Even if you don’t end up staying at SLS (and I recommend that you do) make a point of having a drink at their bar and take dinner at Katsuya.  I consider myself a sushi aficionado and Katsuya was well worth a visit.

Their were 2 pools and access to a great beach.  While we only stayed overnight we toured the pool area a bit after sunset and wish we had the chance to settle in for the pool scene.  In short the SLS staff was a real treat to deal with on every front.  They could not have been more accommodating.  The aesthetics of the hotel are tasteful and stylish and all the essentials for a great stay were at our disposal.  It is probably worth noting that the location is  among the best in South Beach as you could walk to great shopping, restaurants and were right on the beach.  No car necessary when staying at the SLS.   We loved the hotel and hope to get back for a longer stay.